Found it…

During a trail run on Mt. Diablo yesterday; I found the deep reason again.

I have been struggling a bit with my running lately, finding it easier and easier to find excuses to skip a workout, to justify why I am not able to get out there as I wish I could.

I found the deep reason again, the reason which connects me with God, with myself and my lovely, beautiful wife.  I have cleared the doubt and insecurity which was clouding my mind, and I am feeling like I have felt for so long.

Running is the fuel, which keeps my heart and mind focused and, filled with the fact that nothing is impossible.  Nothing can be out of reach, and nothing can be too difficult to conquer.

Ultra running is about the journey, the lessons learned and, most important the people along the way – the ones who inspire you by reminding you that, they are there for the same reasons you are there.

Once again – LET’S DO THIS!  I am back.


The Flu – yikes!!


Nothing worse than the flu – specially after a few years of not getting it.  The last 4 days, I have been at home.  Headache, body aches, fever, sore throat, fatigue.  ENOUGH!!!

Training has come to a halt during these 4 days, and it weights heavy on my mind.  I am keeping a positive attitude, and now the tough decision:  do I go back to work tomorrow or, take another day to rest?  If I push it; I will get sick again and be down longer.  I think I will do the smart thing.  I am going to stay home one more day, and recharge and nurture myself.

Sometimes, tough is bad.  I will resist!

Orange Mud Ambassador…

I have been honored by Orange Mud, by making me an OM Ambassador!!  It’s a great opportunity to show a little secret, about how amazing their products really are.

I started using it and fell in love with the comfort, and ease of use of it.  Riding high on your shoulders it is out of the way, frees my hands and arms to run happy, and carry ALL I need for ultramarathon distances.

Thanks Orange Mud!!  Let’s do this!!


My life long companion

My wife, Marina, is my life long companion.

The best part of the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler – getting to mile 29 and finding my wife, waiting to pace me to the end.  The end came at 45 miles; due to an old injury becoming aggravated.  But it was an amazing experience, and having Marina there was the best part of the race.

May your races be filled with love, laughter, and great company.